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Ready to get your glow on? From injectables that smooth, plump, and enhance to a variety of specialty skin treatments, Ahava Medspa by Inland Cosmetic Surgery has all the tools to help you enjoy healthy, beautiful skin that radiates youth. Our highly trained medical aestheticians have years of experience and an intimate understanding of skin—and they put their knowledge to work for you with customized treatments and product recommendations.

Sculptra® Facial Rejuvenation

Sculptra® Facial Rejuvenation

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*Please note that a medical consultation is required to confirm that you are a candidate for this service.

I understand that treatments with Botox, Juvederm, Sculptra, Restylane products, Kybella, Instalift and ALL other Cosmetic Treatments must be initiated or complete by 10/31/2024.

For any treatments not completed by 10/31/2024, the remaining purchase price of these treatments will be converted to a credit toward future products or procedures at Ahava Medspa or Inland Cosmetic Surgery at the non-discounted price. There will be no refunds on the purchase of any of the above specials.

Purchases are NOT transferable and CANNOT be shared between two (or more) people.  Specials cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Brilliant Distinctions and ASPIRE coupons and Care Credit (account card holders ONLY*) can ONLY be used/redeemed for the purchase of your special(s) if you have an appointment AND make your purchase in person (NOT on-line). Rest assured, if you make an on-line purchase for a product that is eligible for Brilliant Distinctions or ASPIRE points, your points can be added to your account on the date of your procedure if done by 10/31/2024, just ask our staff to do so on that day.

*These procedures require all product(s) to be used at one office visit to be eligible for this discount.